Welcome to our website! Here you can learn everything we know (that's a subject for debate elsewhere) about using your dog to pull a cart or wagon, or drive your dog, view photos of dogs carting, driving or just having fun, arrange to join in events and keep in touch with other enthusiasts.

We are excited to share our passion for dog carting and driving with you and welcome your comments on this website, whatever aspect of drafting you may be interested in. We will do our best to help anyone with an interest in this sport, so ask your questions via our Guest Book page and one of us will get back to you as soon as possible. OR just say Hi!

If you are willing to try building your cart, I have fully documented the plans for my 'convertible' cart (see below for photos of the conversion). They are available, along with my collected wisdom on carting - which may be a doubtful asset LOL - on a .pdf document, by email, at no charge. If you pass them on to anyone, please do so in the same spirit - i.e. without charge of any kind.

(Left) the cart with the seat screwed on, ready for small passengers,


(Below) the same cart without its seat, ready for freight work.

NOTE that it's so well balanced that Graham can hold it with one finger.

You will find advice, with photos, on making your own carting harness at

http://uberpest.com/2006/10/make-your-own-dog-harness/ I find eBay is a good source of suitable webbing. I get my padded polypropylene webbing from the UK via eBay, in many colours and stripes.

Ivana and I have developed a talent for finding events to attend; please ask us how you can find carting occasions for your dog, or join us in our carting adventures if you live close enough or are keen enough to drive a long distance. But please, bear in mind we expect excellent behaviour from all dogs at these events, so it is up to you to be realistic about your dog's ability to tolerate crowds, children, other animals of all kinds and lots of noise including sirens, fireworks and balloons popping at close quarters.

My fondest hope is that, one day before I'm too old to compete, carting will become an awarded dog sport in Australia as it is in the USA.

Sue Madge, Schwabian Rottweilers, BOWNING NSW


Baha Men


It was an unbelievably beautiful day in Cootamundra on Saturday, August 31st for the Wattle Time Parade. We took part in the parade, a great success - loud applause for the Kennel Club entry! Then we all, with dogs, invaded a local café for lunch; after that Graham and I took our grand daughter Darcy-Rose to the park for the carnival. She had her face painted and gave lessons on dog training to the other children in the queue - amazing the carnival crowd with the responsiveness of our dogs to her commands.

The group in the parade; Ross (on the far right) led us with his guide dog (a subtle reminder to the crowd of the helpfulness, versatility & trainability of dogs) and we followed, with "Queen Imee" the ageing Shetland Sheepdog reclining regally in Montana's cart, wearing a tiara! Photo by John Leonard.

(Below) Montana ready to go - I still can't believe we put her harness on sideways! - with "Queen Imee "wearing her tiara and Merlin and his cart in the background.

(L) Darcy-Rose wore a yellow trench coat (for wattle) and purple jeans (the club colour) & carried a basket of wattle. She did a great job keeping Imee happy and her tiara on straight throughout the parade. She was asked if she would like to lead the contingent in the parade, but wanted to stay with Grandma and Montana. CUTE WINS!

(Below left) Berner boys Merlin (left) and Hugo (right) had LOTS of wattle in their cart too! Hugo pulled the cart, Merlin walking beside him, both handled by Ivana - a great effort.

After the parade we all went to a local café for lunch; (Right, below) Darcy-Rose (7 years) amused herself and other patrons by giving obedience lessons to Georgia (yellow collar, 1 year) & Montana (pink collar, 5 years). Both obey her every time she asks.

(Below) club members at the café; Vision the Hungarian Viszla talking to Georgia and Montana, Berners sleeping and Pug Qupie socialising with everyone.

Then we went to the carnival in the park. Darcy-Rose (right) had her face painted & Montana played with a lot of the kids, including twins, 4, with JELLY!

(Above) We're not sure if this kiss was about the twin or the jelly, but everyone had fun. Our Rottweilers just love children (and people in general), whether they know them or not, confounding the critics of the breed who see them all as mindless killers. Many thanks to the makers of the wonderful film, "Black Beauty Breed" - filming will soon wrap and we can't wait to see it in Australia. Here's the link to a preview:


Many thanks to Cootamundra All Breeds Kennel Club for their kindness in embracing and supporting our carting, for great Sunday morning obedience lessons and congenial company.


TULIP TOPS GARDENS, Old Federal Highway, SUTTON NSW - just 15 minutes from Canberra! We're at their opening day, Saturday, 14th September 2013, from 9am. Come and tiptoe through the tulips!

FUNDRAISER FOR CANASSIST, Rollonin Café, Bowning Road, BOWNING NSW - ten minutes south of Yass, just off the Hume Highway. Rides will be available for the littlies for $2, ALL proceeds go to this very worthy cancer support charity. Sunday, 10th November, 2013. Vintage cars, market stalls, lots of food and live entertainment all day, in a beautiful garden setting.