Left photo - our Grand-daughter Darcy-Rose & our Rottweiler Montana (Madora Divine Destiny);

Right - Montana and Ivana's Bernese Mountain Dog Merlin (Zanzebern QMerlin) at Christmas, 2012.

About Us

My friend Ivana Leonard and I met through a mutual friend at our obedience club in Canberra, who introduced us because each of us had an interest in teaching our dogs to pull *carts. Since then, we and our dogs have learned a great deal about the presentation of dogs and carts in public, and have attended a wide variety of public occasions where our dogs have amazed people with their talents and immaculate behaviour.

The photos on our masthead above (many thanks to the wonderful photographer, Ffiona Erskine of ffire photography) were taken at the ACT Juniors Kennel Club Show on December 15, 2012. The dogs transported Santa's gifts and stood by calmly, in a crowd of excited children and other dogs, while the children's names were called and their gifts presented directly from the carts. It did NOT help that we had heavy rain and had to do the whole event on a 3m wide veranda! It was chaos, but dogs and children alike had fun. See the video at the end of the "Our Gallery" page.

If you are going to attend events, your dog's behaviour MUST be beyond reproach or you will damage the sport and your own and your breed's reputation.

Merlin and Montana, Ivana's young Berner Hugo (Branbern Hugo Boss) & our apprentice Rottweiler Georgia (Rakaaz Queen Latifah) continually amaze the public with their perfect conduct.

They have worked with fire engines, semi-trailers, sheep, emus, goats, cattle, a bullock team and horses, remaining calm and responsive at all times in very testing environments.

That is the kind of dog you will need to make a success of public carting, and to ensure that children - who are attracted in droves - are safe.

Montana met a crowd of young fans, and the Cattle dog puppy (left), at Yass KC Show, Murrumbateman - she was unfazed by all the attention. She has been taught to lie down in the presence of smaller dogs.

A sport for all the family, adored by children!

I highly recommend carting as a dog sport for all the family; we raise money for charities, make children happy and have a lot of fun in the process. Three generations of our family are involved. Ivana and I do our carting, jointly, as Capital Carting Canines, along with our long suffering husbands John and Graham. John is often seen in his "Dogfather" tee-shirt, fetching and carrying; I believe this should become the "husbands' uniform" for the future. We hope to introduce two new dogs of different breeds in the next year.

Ivana and I are now over one year into our joint carting adventures, enjoy it hugely and look forward to helping carting grow in Australia.

This tribute from a happy little rider shows

very clearly WHY we love our carting events!

(Above) little friend waits patiently for her ride while Montana schmoozes the crowd. She works hard for pats and cuddles, but never refuses food either!

(Below) training on a hot summer's day, Merlin L and Montana R

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We live in the Canberra district, so if you are close enough or are passing by, we'd love to meet fellow enthusiasts.

As the carting world develops in Australia, our website will publish the news.

Sue Madge, Schwabian Rottweilers, Bowning NSW

*For those who may not know - in the sport of Draft Dog work, a cart is a 2-wheeled vehicle, while a wagon has 4 wheels. IF there is a name for a vehicle with three wheels, I don't know it - but don't let that put you off using a three wheeled vehicle.

We offer a particularly warm welcome to dog drivers, led by the inimitable Jim Walsh, who generously shared with me all his pictures of his famous Mini-Sulkies being driven around the world. Jim will have his own photo page here soon.