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As I mentioned, Ivana and I are becoming old hands at carting now. Scroll down for photos of some events we've attended. You will notice that the same little cart I used in 1984 is still in use today - a good cart can last forever (it's undoubtedly in better condition than I am LOL).

(Left)My first ever carting outing, Canberra Day Procession 1984 or '85 - with my first Rottweiler, Tildy (Australian Champion Fawr Baiame) - leading the ACT Companion Dog Club contingent in the parade.

The little girl with me is my daughter Vanessa, mother of my three grandchildren in the other photos. Tildy bowed at the saluting base and the announcer was wowed!

Many thanks to June Rowe, ACT CDC, for use of her photo.

(Below) Merlin leads the way & Montana follows with twins, at

Cooma Cottage restoration fundraiser, Yass - April 2013

(Above) Happy rider, Cooma Cottage April 2013

Montana & four Italian Greyhounds in her cart,

(right) Yass KC Show, Murrumbateman, 16/6/2013

(Left) Montana & Yass KC President Laurie Edwards

delivering trophies to the rings, June 2013. One of the judges remarked that "It's wonderful to see a dog able to do what they were bred for". The full load was just under 70kg.

The rule for maximum weight pulled is no more than 3 times the dog's weight; so 70kg is a fine load for the 38kg, fit and provably sound 5 year old Montana. I would never exceed double the dog's weight, just to be sure I do no harm.

(Left) Montana with our grandkids, preparing for an event: Ryan 13,

Darcy-Rose, 6 & Rheese, 11; Canassist Fundraiser at the Rollonin,

Bowning NSW, on 18 Sept 2012

Merlin & Darcy-Rose, Canassist Fundraiser,

Rollonin, Bowning NSW, 23 November 2012

Ryan (background) with our 17 week old

Puppy Georgia (Rakaaz Queen Latifah)

(Below) Our dogs - Dakota (L) & Montana (R) enjoy an evening walk with our grandsons Ryan & Rheese when not working with their cart. Dakota (Ubersein Xpensive Tastes) will hopefully soon join Montana as a member of our first brace team - two dogs, one cart.

(Below) Ivana & Merlin gave little Millie a ride during their

demonstration at the BMD specialty in Melbourne, June 2013

(Below) Merlin giving a puppy a ride at a

"Berner Buddies" meeting Sydney, November 2012

At another Canassist fundraiser, Montana carried the raffle prize & Merlin carried Darcy-Rose, 6,

while grandson Ryan and a friend from his school looked on. Rollonin, BOWNING NSW, 23-11-2012.

The dogs wore their matching Christmas antlers for hours, and enjoyed the festive atmosphere.

(Left) First try with our new single shaft for our brace team - on Saturday, August 17 2013.

Dakota, left, not sure what was going on: with Montana, right, the consummate carting professional who has seen it all.

Montana did ALL the work until we headed home, and Dakota suddenly worked out she is supposed to pull! She did extremely well for a first try, and it won't take much time to get her up to speed so she can help Montana on a regular basis.

I hate having to refuse rides to children because they're too big or heavy - so a brace is the perfect solution! That will raise the capacity to around 100kg, far heavier than the average pre-teen.

(Below) Waiting patiently for photos; our goose Crusoe & Quarter horse Qandah Peppy Chexs supervised very closely, just behind the photographer. The single shaft is hidden between the dogs.

There are obvious flaws in the arrangement right now, the cart is far too close to the dogs! More adjustments coming up.

We had a great time at the Cootamundra Wattle Time parade, but as the Footy Finals stole our spare handler and our photographer (grandsons), we decided that Montana and Georgia would be enough to handle, and left Dakota home.

We had to take two cars for just the three of us and two dogs!

One of the best dog photos I've seen, our old boy Lorenzo, nearly 13, in the centre, with Montana (L) 7 months and Dakota (R) four months, enjoying a drink from their swimming pond. I'm proud to say hubby Graham took it, in the summer of 2008. Both girls loved the old boy SO much; he brought them up beautifully, but sadly left us in 2009, aged 13. I call the photo "The Monotongue".

The video below will give you some idea what our dogs go through at a major event, this was ACT Juniors' Christmas Dog Show 2012; loud noise, popping balloons, other dogs, chaos & excited children - yet they enjoy it and never put a foot (make that PAW) wrong!


Our Rottweiler Montana, 4, and her friend, BMD Merlin, took their carts to a Christmas Dog Show in 2012 to help Santa with the gifts. Our grandchildren, who love ALL our Rottweilers, helped out.