Here are a few photos that have been sent by carting or driving enthusiasts across Australia. We would love to feature your photos if you cart, drive, sled or anything else in which a dog pulls a vehicle.

(Below) First in, from Bruce in Qld, Sammy trying out her new practice rig :

From Vicki in NSW, Charlie the Cavalier relaxes

while Lachlan the Border Collie gives him a ride:

(Right) Rhonda from Victoria driving her male Rottweiler cross Dukits and her friend's male Rottweiler Odus, as a brace team in her Regal Mini Sulky. What a lovely pair!

(Below) Also from Vicki in the Hunter Valley, Lucy the

Pyrenean Mountain Dog, patient at her first outing:

(Right) Darralyn from W.A. with Gus, her Bouvier des Flandres, going for it on their Regal Mini Sulky! Looks like fun and NO hands!!

(Below Right) Gus in a more formal moment, Best in Show two days running - Congratulations Darralyn and Gus!

(Above) Gus and a friend, a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, just being dogs, also very important for your dog's happiness and wellbeing. What a well-rounded dog Gus is! Dogs CAN have it all.

(Above, Newspaper clipping) Something amazing from Mara in NSW, her Siberian Huskies and their Sleigh, complete with Santa, riding the travelator in Belconnen Mall, at Christmas

(Above Right) Louise the Leprechaun from Victoria, with her Rottweiler Tito - Around St Patrick's Day? Even the cart is green!

(Below Left) from Jenny, her boy Cabulla Basko Ruger with his dad, Goodiesway Basko, as passenger. Lovely shot of two lovely dogs!

(Below Right) Louise's dog Tank with a familiar type of wagon. A beautiful dog.

Space HERE for photos of your dog!